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App Store Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as App Store SEO is the technique of promoting your apps in app store. ASO is nothing but SEO applied to the App Store. Think of it as optimizing your App instead of website with rich keywords to rank better. Here, we strategically promote your apps in app store to increase the visibility of your apps, through various App store SEO techniques. Our sole motto is to increase the number of downloads for your app by making it visible for the important search queries by the users.

Today every app store is flooded with millions of apps. Launching your App in App Store is not sufficient. It will be successful only when it reaches the targeted users. It is important that your App  stand out well in the huge crowd and reach large number of target users. Getting their App found is one of the biggest challenges faced by app publishers.  There are many app marketing techniques available. But App Store SEO is one of the most important and basic marketing strategy you can use for your app.

Promoting or marketing an App in the current competitive market is tricky. There were merely 500 apps available in Apple’s App store when it was first launched in the year 2008. By 2014 this number has reached staggering 1.2 million. Similarly the other major app store, i.e. Google Play Store has around 1.3 million downloadable apps as on today. In such a huge crowd it is extremely tough task for the apps developers/publishers to market their apps in the store. Yet this is possible by adopting the best app store seo strategies to promote the apps.

What is App Store SEO?

  • It is App Keyword optimization – 100 Character in the case of iOS ; Description optimization in Android
  • App Keyword Localization – Get keywords in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French
  • App Screenshot Optimization – We Create engaging screenshots for your App which explain all your App features to your customer
  • App Icon Optimization – Hold the users attention & make him click on your App with Icons which say download me
  • App Name/Title Optimization – Get a App Store SEO optimized name of your app, rank better on the App Stores

To get your App the best keywords we use a couple of tools which give us:

  • Detailed insights into the keywords which are being used by your competitors
  • Help us choose keywords which have High Traffic & Low competition
  • Have conversion potential i.e., users searching with these keywords will actually hit the download button

Why do you need us to do App Store SEO:

  • Like eveything else you can do the keyword analysis yourself
  • Depends on if you want to use your time developing & improving the App or Researching Competitors & Keywords
  • Leave the App Store Optimization part to the experts, save time & drive downloads without wasting time

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