App Store SEO

App Store SEO

Do you know what is more challenging than developing a world-class, different-in-the-world mobile app? The real challenge lies in getting it discovered in the crowd of thousands of other apps competing with yours. Irrespective of the fact that it is being searched exclusively or not, it should always appear in front of the users. While there are several methods of marketing the app, there is one method that stands heads and shoulders ahead of others; the App Store Optimization or ASO! Interestingly, ASO has been there from quite a long, but very recently people unleashed the potential of it.

What is ASO all about?

Just like Search Engine Optimization or SEO, ASO is the process of enhancing the rank of your app by using optimizing techniques. The higher your app’s rank is, higher is the visibility to those customers who are desperately looking for it. Statistics proves that increased visibility always gets translated into more traffic to the app. When more people visit the page, more people buy the app.

An ASO expert needs to possess in-depth knowledge of the target customer base. Also, he should know the keywords used by potential customers to search the app. Since two-third of the total apps available in the marketplace is searched through app store search, better visibility their means higher purchases. If you are ignoring the visibility in the App Store, it means a highly potential opportunity is getting missed out. Effective use of it brings a meaningful impact on the ranking of your app which leads to an overall success of your business.

Primary and secondary factors of ASO

When you use effective ASO techniques, two types of factors contribute to the success.

Primary or main factors

Keywords and title are the two primary aspects. While placing keywords in the title make sure they are the most searched words. It needs efforts to find out the suitable words. Remember, it should be done before your app gets sizable visibility. Once it becomes popular, changing the title will be difficult. To find the most relevant keywords, you need to keep a close watch on your competitors as well. You need to monitor relative performance week after week so that you establish a better understanding of your position.

Secondary factors

The number of downloads is an important secondary factor. Of course, you can’t impact it. Similarly, rating and reviews are also critical. Again, you do not have any control over it.

Keep patience; ASO is a long-term process

Similar to SEO, you need to give a cooling time to ASO. Whatever efforts you put in to make it a grand success, the results will come over a period. However, you should make continuous efforts even if there is no visible impact. Once you get sufficient visibility and ranking, the number of visits and downloads shoot up dramatically. You start reaping the benefits of efforts made to make the ASO effective. The results are simply overwhelming. It is called a crucial piece in the big picture of Mobile Marketing which shouldn’t be missed out.

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