ASO Icon and Screenshots

Why Do you need ASO Icon and Screenshots done?

  • What is the very first thing users see when they are about to download a app? – Icon
  • OK, lets say you have managed to get the users curiosity with your Icon, where does the user look next – Screenshots
  • A picture is worth a thousand words – this is very relevant in the app world
  • If you get the users attention & curiosity with your icons & screenshots he might read your description
  • A great Icon & Screenshot will give you app a greater chance that a user will atleast download your app
  • More Downloads in the Apple store = Higher ranking for your app

Example Screenshots:

Icon Optimization:

  • A icon is the first point of contact for a user with your app
  • Your icon should jump out & say download me to the user
  • An icon should convey in the very small space it has what the app is all about
  • Many developers give all the attention to the design & development of the app, however forget that ultimately people need to find & download the app so that their efforts pay off
  • I will help you get a great icon designed – one which will convey your apps functionality & be eye catching

Screenshots Optimization:

  • So you got the users curiosity with your great looking icon, what’s the next  thing the user looks at? – Screenshot!
  • The first screenshot on the Apple store is the most important as its displayed  in the search results
  • Majority of the people make a Download decision based on just this first impression
  • Purpose of your screenshots is to visually highlight the most important features of your app to the user
  • 5 Screenshots – Is all you get to convince the user & get him to hit the download button

How I can help you?

  1. By getting Great Screenshots Designed – which are visually appealing & informative about your apps features
  2. Icon – Get a fabulous Icon designed

So how much are you going to charge me for Designing Great looking Icons & Screenshots?

  • Icon Only                – $169.99
  • Screenshots Only   – $229.99
  • Icon + Screenshots – $349.99 (Great Value; You save $50)

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