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Tips to choose the ASO services

When you want that your app reaches to the maximum audience, it is a target that can be achieved by putting efforts of implementing smart App Store Optimization or ASO techniques. They make sure that your app is optimized for better visibility.

It is a purely scientific and structured approach which needs the expertise of a seasoned ASO consulting company. Since it is a specialized task, you should ensure that the service provider hired by you has the following things:

Your ASO service provider should understand competitive market and customers

Before you sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the service provider, find out how well the ASO service provider knows about your business, customers and competition. Then only the agency will be able to formulate a well-planned ASO strategy.

A structured approach begins with looking at the app from the perspective of customers. How do they perceive the app? What language do they use normally? What are the reasons they will search and download the app? What keywords are most popular and what are being tracked by the competition?

Expert ASO service helps in choosing the right name

Do you think that choosing an attractive name is the secret of success? Imagine a situation when the app name is brilliantly alluring, but it doesn’t contain relevant keywords that are used in the majority of the searches. No wonder, your app is not in the top 20 ‘most searched apps’ in the niche. It is because you ignored an aspect that affects the ranking up to a great extent.

Though App Store offers 50 characters in the title, stuffing it with all relevant keywords is not a great idea indeed. A seasoned ASO service never commits such mistake. It keeps the name short and crisp. Such augmented title uses URL-friendly characters.

Expert service maximizes the keyword

You should always keep in mind that App Store and Google Play Store use totally different strategies as far as ASO keywords are concerned. App Store uses a keyword field of 100 characters +App title of 50 characters. Hence, it becomes critically important to research the keywords carefully and use all the allotted characters.

Google Play Store uses SEO concepts prevailing in the optimization world. It scans through the whole description to find out relevant keywords. Hence, you have the whole array of 4000 characters where you can write customer-facing text that looks quite natural. It is not required to stuff the keywords in an unnatural manner. Rather, it should be sprinkled here and there in such a way that they make sense.

Seasoned ASO service drags traffic by outside promotion

On-page optimization is a tool to attract traffic. However, it isn’t sufficient to gain optimum visibility. Use of social media and contacts and effective online advertising are other methods. App indexing which is a new method has also been quite useful in enhancing app visibility. Your SEO service makes use of all these ways to achieve visibility.

When you hire expert SEO services, you can boost the rating and make your app a big hit!

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