Need for iOS Android App Localization in Spanish

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Localization, it’s that work most developers spend hours on end thinking about! Should I spend my precious time & energy in Localizing my App. Not to mention the money you need to pay to have the App localized. The question is – Is it worth all the effort ?

Reasons for Localization:

  • Huge Untapped Market – A Large population outside the English Speaking countries
  • Rank Easily – Easier to reach the top 200 in category of App
  • Cost Effective – You could find somebody on Fiveer who will localize your App’s Meta data for $5 to $60
  • Increase Revenues – Generate more from In App Purchases & Ad impressions inside your App

So the next question is what is the need for iOS Android App Localization in Spanish? To answer this question all you have to do is compare the population of Spanish speaking countries For example: Spain, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela etc. Before diving into the actual population figures lets look at a example of a App which has been localized in Spanish below.

App Deal A Day iOS Android App Localization In Spanish:

ASO Localization - App Store Optimization

  • You can see from the above screenshot that App Deal A Day has localized their App Name, App Description & Icon in Spanish
  • App Deal A Day probably recognizes the immense traffic potential from the Spanish speaking countries
  • In the following paragraphs I explain the case for Localizing your App in Spanish

So let’s compare the populations of countries where Spanish is the spoken Language


The reason Spanish is the most popular language to localize is pretty evident from the below Pie Chart :

  1.  The below Pie Chart only represents 10 Major Countries out of a total 28 Spanish speaking countries
  2. These 10 Countries account for 418 Million people which is a lot of people
  3. If  you have Spanish keywords then your App automatically shows up on the US store for those Keywords although you have not included them in the US Store 100 Character keyword List
  4. Easier to rank in the Mexican & Spanish Stores compared to the US

What should you Localize?

There are three options you can opt for localizing your App depending on your Budget:

Low Cost ($100 to $200):

Localize only the Apps:

  • Keywords
  • App Name

Medium Cost ($300 to $500):

Localize the App’s Meta Data:

  • Keywords
  • App Name
  • Description
  • Screenshots

High Cost ($600 to $1000 or more):

Full App Localization (See App Deal A Day Screenshots Below):

  • Keywords
  • App Name
  • Description
  • Screenshots
  • App Text Labels
  • All Displayed information in App

App Deal A Day has done a complete Localization as can be seen from their screenshots below. They have even translated the contents of the inner display pages to Spanish. This localization definitely gives App Deal A Day a edge over their competition. Think of it, would you rather download a App in your language or some foreign language.


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