App Store SEO

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App Store SEO Services

App Store SEO

You heard of App Store Optimization (ASO). What about good old Search Engine Optimization SEO? Yes, I am really talking about the web based SEO. Now you are wondering, has this guy gone nuts, how does SEO or App Store SEO which relates to websites have anything to do with ASO? Well think Again

What is the first thing you do when you want to find something. Well you Google it. Its a no braner. So, don’t you think people looking for apps will try searching it on Google first ? The short answer is, yes they do.

Now that you are aware that users do search for apps on Google (I mean Google search & not Google Play Store), what next. You need to have a website for your App. If you dont have a App website which is ranking well for search terms your potential users search for then you are missing out on huge chunk of traffic.

Steps of getting your traffic from App Store SEO:

  • Build a website – Its very easy with WordPress + App Themes
  • Search Engine Optimize – Do SEO work on your website, hire somebody to do it (doesn’t cost much)
  • App Reviews – Get your App reviewed & ask reviews to give  a link to your website as well

App iTunes Page SEO:

Your app already has a webpage, although it is not built by you. Its the iTunes page created for every App by Apple. Since, its hosted by Apple, the page carries credibility & authority (which Google likes very much nowadays).  Now you ask me, so what has this page got to do with SEO, lots…

Think of it, would you rather have the user àCome to your website then click on the “Download on App Store” badge  –> Goto App iTunes Page –> Link on Download App –> Goto iTunes –> Click on download Again –> Enter User name & Password –> Download the App

Wow! That’s a whole lot of clicks and steps. Most users will give up on the second or third click. Because that’s just the way we humans on the internet are, we all have attention deficit disorder. Too many levels & clicks = User abandoning the App

Now the iTunes page Scenario is: Search on Internet –> Click on iTunes Page –> Click Download –>Click Download on iTunes –> Download App

The above click through would any day be better than downloading from your website. Bottom line as crazy as it might sound, do SEO on your apps iTunes page. You heard me right, I am asking you to do SEO for Apple’s webpage i.e., you App’s webpage in particular.

Get SEO done, get your page up in Google rankings & see your App downloads rise. More App Downloads = Increase in App ranking


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