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Google Play store is the only competitor to the iOS App store in the App industry. Basically the App World is a two horse race between Apple & Google. One was a Hardware + Operating System + Music industry dominant player with hysterical brand flowing by its users. The other was a Search Engine giant which dominated almost 80% of the internet searches in the English speaking world. Well this was before Apple & Google created the Smartphone as we know it today & created the enormous App Stores – Google Play & App Store

Android ASO Google Play

Google Play has a more evolved search functionality for its App search on the Google Play Store. This since Google was & is the dominant player in the search engine market for the desktop when it launched the Android Operating System for Smartphone’s. So it follows that the App Store Optimization ASO process or Android ASO Google Play  is closer to doing SEO on a webpage. Lets see which factors effect the ranking of Apps on the Google Play store:

Google + –> Google has given a way to indicate social interest by the way of +1’s, If its a Google product it makes sense that Google will weight the +1’s more in its algorithm. So increase the no. of +1’s for your App on the Google Play store.

4000 Char Description –>You get 4000 characters to describe your App. This not only serves as your App Description but also a place to do some great SEO with Keywords. Use this space wisely, don’t keyword stuff your App Description, use each of your keywords 2 to 3 times in the App description

Video –> Google Play allows you can upload video of your App. Make the best use of this. Users are more likely to be captivated by a awesome showcasing important features of your App. If your video convinces the user of your Apps usefulness they will download it in an instant

Screenshots –> Humans are visual animals. Use the screenshots to showcase & describe the most important features of your App. Don’t make the user read your Apps description, a user should be able to figure out your App’s main features just by looking at the screenshots

Ratings / Reviews –> A good rated app always ranks higher on the Google Play store. Google Play allows developers to respond to users reviews (unlike Apple which doesn’t allow), this is a great way to communicate with your users & get constructive criticism. Who knows you might even convince the user to revise his rating

SEO –>Yes, the stuff you do to get your website up in rankings on, you need to do the same stuff – link building, Social Promotions , Blogs pointing to your App Page etc. Since, Google Play store algorithm is a scaled down version of the Google Search algorithm doing SEO works beautifully (do Android ASO Google Play)

So get started with doing App Store Optimization or Android ASO Google Play on your Google Play App Today!

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