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Google play keywords

Do you find it difficult to decide the right Google Play Keywords while doing it for the first time? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. There are many people sailing in the boat. It is a daunting task indeed until you get the knack of it. Don’t be “Mr. Perfectionist”. You won’t get it right for the first time. It is a trial and error method where you learn by mistakes. Just relax and focus on understanding the basic optimization concepts. Try to break down it into simple steps so that you can work on each of them in an effective and actionable manner.

Start with the easiest step; make a list of keywords first

You need to brainstorm for the keywords which will lure the visitors to download the app offered by you. Remember, you are interested in people downloading your app more, not in them just viewing it. Hence, use keywords that are specific, not generic ones. Long-tail keywords are preferred by SEO experts.

Make a spreadsheet containing all relevant keywords. Enter details such as keywords, traffic load, ranking difficulty level, etc. Use tools to go through reviews; it is impossible to do it manually. Read reviews of your app as well as competitor apps as well. You can use smart apps to perform the task. They make the task pretty simple and efficient.

Make a database for relevant keywords

You should prepare a comprehensive metrics with hard data facts. Use keywords that are related to the app which is likely to be able to rank for in the coming weeks or months. Experts say that two parameters are important, chance and the search score. Search score indicates the relative searches a keyword gets. The higher is the number, more traffic that keyword gets. Chance Metris is the probability of that keyword achieving the ranking in the top ten. The more is the number; brighter are the chances of being in the top ten. You should remember that the number is specific to the app.

Pick the best keywords to achieve high optimization

What keywords should you focus on? See, the focus should be on keywords that have a shot at ranking for. Don’t pick keywords that have the highest traffic blindly. Your objective is to achieve ranking in the top keywords that have traffic so that you get at least a few downloads. See how relevant is it from the downloading perspective? Also, look at the search volume keenly. When all other parameters are same for two keywords, pick up the one which attracts more traffic. After all, it is the game of probability. Watch the number of downloads happening by searching a particular keyword. It means that the keyword has a good potential of changing the user perception.


Once you are through with choosing the right keywords, now it is important to draft the title and description of your app. There are optimization techniques for it which you should discuss with the experts. Keep on fine tuning the things to maintain consistency of the output.

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